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Structured Phone and Data Services

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Structured Phone and Data Services

Pelmac Electrical Is a Leading Source for Structured Phone and Data Services In Perth

Structured wiring or cabling systems refers to a network of cabling components that are installed in an organized and logical way. The entire structure is also designed to work independently regardless of the type of equipment that it uses it.

The team at Pelmac Electrical are experienced in delivering structured fibre optic and data communication services across the Perth metropolitan area and the northern suburb of Wangara

Smart Structured Phone and Data Services for Businesses

Businesses in Australia need to rely on complex and comprehensive communication networks in order to operate efficiently. These include –

  • Broadband
  • Telephone lines
  • Mobile Networks
  • Optical Fibre
  • The Internet

We are recognized as industry leaders in structured cabling services, provide unbeaten products and experienced services

Our technicians understand how importance such services are for businesses and the technical infrastructure that they rely on. This is why we only work in accordance with the highest standards while keeping carrier and regulatory requirements in mind for structures that include –

  • Telephone frames
  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
  • ADSL hardware and filters

For Residents

Planning to install a state of the art wiring system now will spare you the cost of having it retrofitted later. With Perth Electronics, you won’t have to. A properly structured cabling system allows residents to plug in equipment such as audio, PCs, cable and video hardware from anywhere in your home.

The rapid growth of home technologies, telecommunication for home businesses and entertainment options necessitates the installation of avante garde phone and data services.

Consistency – Do you really have the time or info to figure out how to install a phone cable, troubleshoot an Ethernet cable or ISDN cabling? We specialize in installing robust structured cabling systems that will put you at ease.

Multi vendor equipment support – It doesn’t matter if you upgrade your choice of vendors or equipment. We specialize in the installation of flexible structured cabling systems that will support your hardware and applications.

Easy Troubleshooting – Even correctly installed cables can fail you. Our structured data and phone wiring services will make it possible for you to isolate and repair problems in an entire network without having to bring all of it down.

High Performance Cables – We know that certain services such as high speed Internet, digital TV and satellite services require cables that are high in performance in order to be fully accessible in a home or office. Our cabling systems deliver optimum performance while promising the capacity to facilitate the technologies of tomorrow.

Advanced technological infrastructures ensure that your home or business handles the services of today seamlessly. Not only can a structured wiring system from Pelmac Electrical handle sophisticated data signals from PCs and video, it can also handle a variety of telecommunication resources such as data, fax and telephone communications.

For fibre optic cabling, communication and networks, trust Pelmac Electrical; the best in Perth. Contact us for your electrical requirements and a free quote

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