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Low Energy Intelligent Lighting Systems

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Low Energy Intelligent Lighting Systems

Bring Down Energy Bills and Introduce a Smart and Intelligent Lighting Solution at Your Workplace

Thinking of switching to an energy efficient and intelligent lighting system in your commercial setup. Not only can you save a significant percentage of energy, but also attract more clients because of your green and environment friendly approach. Intelligent lighting systems, aside from bringing a significant reduction in your overall energy cost, also makes it easier to monitor and control electrical and communication systems on a regular basis.

With an energy efficient and smart lighting infrastructure in place, you can regularly monitor parameters like daily energy consumption and also reduce the probability of potential lighting failures.

Create a Sustainable and Productive Work Environment with Intelligent Lighting Solutions by Pelmac Electrical

Pelmac Electrical takes pride in its green and environment-friendly approach and our role in the conservation of the environment by employing low energy solutions in various industrial and commercial sectors. With our intelligent lighting and energy efficient solutions you can:

  • Enhance energy saving
  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Lower energy usage and consequently decrease CO2 emissions
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Monition your energy usage
  • Get utility incentives and rebates
  • Create a green image for your company

We Provide Installation and Repair of Energy Efficient Lighting Systems at the Most Feasible Rates in the Market

Pelmac Electrical can cater to your diverse needs with a streamlined and proactive approach and provide installation, upgrading and maintenance Services that are tailor-made for your services.

With an intelligent power control and cost effective lighting mechanism in place, you can accelerate your growth and save as much as 40% energy consumption in lighting. We use the best industry rated materials and trusted resources to provide you the quality and functionality that you expect from us. Some of the key features of our low energy intelligent lighting solutions include:

  • Energy efficient lighting control systems for indoors, outdoors, parking etc.
  • Light sensing, control and dimming
  • Daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing
  • Data communication power sensing and control

Enhance Comfort, Security and Functionality in Commercial Setups with State-Of-The-Art Energy Efficient Lighting Systems

We work in workplaces and offices and our intelligent lighting solutions also work in the hospitality industry, for community centres and educational institutes, in healthcare centres, senior and childcare facilities and much more.

Pelmac Electrical is known for delivering optimised and cost effective intelligent lighting systems of the highest quality to leading businesses in the Perth metropolitan area. Specialised in working for both commercial enterprises and light industries, the dedicated staff at Pelmac Electrical is available 24/7 to provide you the guidance and support you need. We deliver seamless turnkey solutions to our clients ranging from installation and upgrades to service and maintenance and make sure that you can deliver the best in convenience and comfort to your clients round the clock 365 days a year.

Bring a significant reduction in your energy usage and reduce the carbon footprint of your company with a cost effective low energy intelligent lighting system. Contact us now for more information and get a free quote by calling us at (08) 9408 0448

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