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Intercom and PA Systems

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Intercom and PA Systems

Pelmac Electrical is Your One-Stop Resource for High Quality Intercom and PA Systems For Residential And Commercial Use In Perth, WA

Ensure around the clock security and bring convenience to your fingertips with a complete intercommunication network for access control in commercial setups or home. Pelmac Electrical specialises in the installation, servicing and repair of all kinds of voice-only, video and integrated support Intercom and PA systems that are ideal for use in offices, retail stores, business setups, apartments, single and multi-level residential complexes and much more.

With a centrally automated system and access control centre, you can enjoy optimum flexibility and complete peace of mind in an innovative, modern and convenient way! Pelmac Electrical is the certified distributor and installer of security and communication systems in Perth and the quality of work and commitment we provide is evident in our long list of satisfied customers.

Intercom Service for Home and Offices

Intercom systems are equally efficient in residential and commercial setups because of the security and functionality they provide. In offices where frequent communication between staff is necessary, intercom systems can act as a great communication tool. In homes, apartment buildings and condominium complexes, intercom systems can provide security and convenience all rolled into one.

Pelmac Electrical is the leading choice of residential and commercial customers in Perth WA because of our efficient service and quality. We use only the highest quality intercom services and provide regular maintenance and repair so you are assured of making a decision worth its value.

Our intercom services and communication solutions include:

  • Door entry intercoms
  • One-on-one communication intercoms for offices, health care centres and factories.
  • Customised audio or video support intercom systems to automate your home or office and ensure convenience par excellence.

PA Systems Installation and Repair in Perth Metropolitan Area

PA systems are generally employed in commercial premises for transmitting sounds, voice or a combination of the two across different areas in the building. PA systems are mostly installed in large office buildings, retail stores, churches, sporting grounds and stadiums and hospitals etc.

The experienced team at Pelmac Electrical has installed PA systems for a variety of industries, and the level of quality and attention to detail we deliver is second to none. Aside from installation, electrical wiring and access control, we also provide emergency support and 24/7 maintenance and servicing of PA systems to ensure hassle free and smooth operation.

Streamlined PA systems from Pelmac Electrical can help you with:

  • Playing background music in retail environments, restaurants etc
  • Making public announcements in parks, churches, waiting rooms for hospitals.
  • Making staff announcements in offices, community and medical centres etc.
  • Voice distribution and sound effects for entertainment purposes, festivals, party venues etc.

At Pelmac Electrical, your satisfaction and convenience is our top priority. Call us and discuss your requirements with us and we will offer you a communication system that is tailor-made for your needs.

Contact us now and get a free quote for the intercom or PA system that best fits in your requirements and budget.

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