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C-Bus and Dyna Lighting Systems

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C-Bus and Dyna Lighting Systems

C-Bus and Dyna Lighting

Automate Your Home with Intelligent C-Bus and Dyna Lighting Systems by Pelmac Electrical

Imagine creating a smart home where everything was controllable with just a touch? A flick and you could turn off the lights of your entire home. A touch of a button and you could change the mood with subtle dimming of the lights.

Pelmac Electrical offers you installation and maintenance of hi-tech home lighting control systems that are professionally designed and seamlessly created to make your home fully automated.

Home Automation Systems by Pelmac Electrical – Experience Convenience and Luxury Like Never Before!

Pelmac Electrical is certified to install the leading home automation and lighting control systems for both residential and commercial setups. With a C-bus or Dynalite mechanism installed at your place, you can control everything from home lighting, security, entertainment, heating and air-conditioning with a simple and flexible approach!

C-Bus Lighting Control System – Light up Your Life the Smart Way!

Build a smart and functional home with C-bus automated lighting installed by Pelmac Electrical. One of the most popular and renowned control systems in Australia, C-bus lets you dim and control the lighting in and around the home with just a touch of a button whenever you want. This not only makes for a comfortable and luxurious experience but also reduces power consumptions and energy costs. With an integrated mechanism, you can control not just lighting but the heating, air conditioning and home security systems as well.

Philips Dynalite – Complete Home Automation and Energy Management at your Fingertips

Advanced home automation control by Philips Dyna is a flexible and cost effective choice for introducing smart technology in your home and control lighting, energy consumption, security systems and home entertainment with convenience.

The support staff at Pelmac Electrical is trained and certified to program, install and maintain both the control systems with expertise so you receive the quality you expect with no sudden glitches. With an intelligent automation system in place, you can control the lighting settings of all parts of your home. Plus, you can also integrate the lighting control with other smart features and use them to open and close the curtains or blinds, control the heating, regulate air-conditioning and fans and ensure complete safety of yourself and your family.

C-bus and Dyna lighting systems are an energy efficient and environment friendly choice because they can automatically sense and dim lighting in unused areas and bring a significant reduction in your overall energy bill.

Contact Pelmac Electrical for design, installation and maintenance of C-bus and Dyna home automation and lighting control systems and avail the advantages of:

  • Controlling lighting, irrigation, fans, air-conditioning, blinds and curtains etc. with a touch.
  • Transforming the mood inside and outside your home for any occasion.
  • Saving energy by dimming the lights as natural energy becomes available, close the lights at night or reduce energy usage in areas where no activity is detected.
  • Making the most out of home entertainment systems and enjoy one touch control of music and video throughout the home.

Want to know more about the C-bus and Dyna lighting control systems and decide which one will work best for you? Contact us now and get a free quote. We look forward to serving you better!

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