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Audio Visual Systems

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Audio Visual Systems

Pelmac Electrical specializes in the installation of robust Audio Visual systems

Our staff and technical solutions offer you the expertise or hardware needed to facilitate a room of any size from large campus halls to boardrooms. The specialists at Pelmac Electrical are experienced in installation processes that include a wide variety of Audio Visual equipment such as –

  • LCD/DLP projectors
  • Control panels
  • Sound systems
  • Projector security
  • Projector screens
  • Digital signage
  • Document and viewing cameras
  • Interactive whiteboard options
  • And more

Providing standard Audio Visual setups to residents and commercial businesses in the Perth metropolitan area is not all we do. Our expertise also extends to custom systems and products for clients who have unique needs.

Our Talented Staff of Designers and Personnel can create tailored Avant Garde Solutions that fit your budget and requirements

A rapidly expanding global market requires businesses to rely on Audio Visual technology that will provide them the leeway they need to stay abreast of current trends. We have lent our expertise to business that hail from a variety of industries and of all sizes.

Leave no staff member behind with our video conferencing solutions

Your employees do not have to travel just to make to a business meeting. Have your next meeting in high definition. We provide tele-presence room systems that are :

  • Powerful – Our content sharing systems make long distance collaborations look easy
  • Versatile – Choose connectivity options that serve your needs the best
  • Budget Friendly – Install the latest AV hardware systems according to your budget
  • High Definition – Our systems guarantee HD quality video resolutions and clear audio

Audio Visual Integration

Pelmac Electrical also specializes in providing fully integrated Audio Video systems for clients. Our reputation for delivering major AV projects is backed by supplier partnerships, engineering skills and a level of professionalism that puts other services in Perth to shame.

It doesn’t matter what the nature of your AV needs are. Our AV solutions will provide you the competitive edge and collaborative power you need to grow.

Our success in providing custom Audio Video solutions to clients lies in our philosophy to hand pick the most appropriate technologies that match their particular situations and requirements. This allows us to bring the most value for each client’s investment. We have created working partnerships with the best manufacturers that specialize in AV equipment.

Pelmac Electrical has lent its technicians and expertise to a diverse clientele in northern Wangara and the Perth metropolitan area. We offer comprehensive AV systems for –

  • Board rooms
  • Lecture halls
  • Class rooms
  • University campuses
  • Court rooms
  • Training rooms
  • And other areas

Our hands on approach, knowledge of AV technicalities and years of installing Audio Video solutions will save you time and money. Our experts collaborate with you throughout the installation process to ensure that your AV system comes up to your standards.

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