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Access Control & Security Systems

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Access Control & Security Systems

Keep your Home, Commercial Property or Business Secure with Robust Access Control and Security Solutions from Pelmac Electrical

When it comes to securing your home and property with suitable technology, you need a service that you can trust to give you the best value.

Our Access Control Solutions will allow you to Control who Enters your Property and When

Like most security and access control systems, it can be hard to determine a solution that will provide you or your guests with practical options. This is where our expertise can help you. Whatever type of property you own; basic security measures must acknowledge who you allow access to your premises. Our Access Control systems allow you:

  • To control who exits or enters your property or when
  • To secure the premises or a sector
  • Integration with existing security systems
  • To monitor movement
  • To protect your assets and employees

Our solutions will secure your property or premises from trespassers or walk-in thieves thereby reducing your exposure to theft and other security concerns. We will work with you to consult about the best solution for your particular security issues. Our expertise lies in providing access control systems that are scalable enough to meet the needs of your business and reliable enough for particular security concerns. We can provide you the service you need whether you need to install simple remote access for perimeter doors or require flexible usage records or access privileges that are a part of all inclusive installations.

CCTV Systems

Years of experience providing digital surveillance allows us the opportunity to provide complete surveillance solutions for a variety of clients. The technicians at Pelmac Electrical are experienced in providing CCTV security installations for a wide range of scenarios. We can service customers that are from -

  • Educational sectors
  • Retail
  • Banking facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality establishments
  • Government properties
  • And more

Traditional guard based security systems take too long to respond in emergencies. That is not something that you and your business can afford. A monitoring system will ensure that you have a bird's eye view of everything that happens in your property. In addition, it also -

  • Responds fast
  • Is cost effective
  • Reduces the chance for false alarms
  • Allows comprehensive recording and reporting
  • Provides critical visual data

Our remote viewing options give you the perfect vantage point for all of your security needs. We also service and maintain all facets of the electronic security systems that we install. In addition, our 24/7 maintenance services ensure that your electronic security system is never out of commission or leaves you assets vulnerable.

It doesn't matter if you own a SMB or a large corporation. Your business's integrity depends on how secure your assets are. Pelmac Electrical is a leading name in the planning and initiation of electronic and access control security systems that bring our clients the best value. Call us today for an access control and security system that will put your fears at ease.

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